Scania Truck Shop

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Author: jgut


24 thoughts on “Scania Truck Shop

  1. not work for me or for v1.3.1
    Maybe its have conflict with another mod.

    1. me to
      I put the mods in the mod file but they dont work to the game..

      1. MegaWillwin

        When you start the game you moste go chose the profile end then click on edit then you need to apply the mod.

        1. where is EDIT

        2. Agil Feriski

          all version,right ?

      2. jack rodrigues

        first u have to extract the scs file into desktop then copy the file n paste it into the directory of mods means.go to my documents/euro truck simulator2/mods/ and pase it..

  2. can not download im getting network er on that download link that site i can download all mods just not this one new site plz

  3. Thanks,
    tried it with TSM 2.0 and TC mega mod and works well

    1. It instantly crashes my game (v1.3.1 with TSM 2.0)
      Maybe it’s another mod that conflicts with it.
      I’m thinking possibly a Scania interior mod.

      1. same on me, i may have conflicts too, i use older/original version of this and that work..

  4. Work for me on 1.1.1 Thx for upload Your tha man 🙂 ;).

  5. not work whit 1.3.1
    no tires
    missing frames
    and other parts

  6. does this work with Truck shop V7

  7. The Cabins select don’t work

  8. Hi it does work for 1.3.1 for me

  9. it does work for 1.3.1!

  10. does it workson 1.1.1 ???

  11. pobierz ju

  12. memogu instalirat

  13. perfect

  14. borisranzay

    Moi quand je met un mods mon jeu dit que les mods veulent pas fonctionné correctement et peu avoir un soucis avec le jeu
    Merci De m’aider

  15. carmen cango


  16. Work at 1.3.4 ?

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