Scania Truck

Scania-Truck-1 Scania-Truck-2

Scania Truck with Accessories
Tested 1.9.x, 1.10.1s versions

Author: Selo Kaptan


10 thoughts on “Scania Truck

  1. Nice Truck . Pleas Link Of Xenon light

  2. how do you get this truck after download

  3. Dominykas

    ###? This truck is so ugly…

  4. What is the mod with the skull ?

  5. 101% G-A-Y lol

  6. U are broke this Scania LOL!don’t touch zmodeler horrible mod.I have question: author is ######?

  7. this is ####

  8. Ellerinize sağlık güzel çalışma
    Kurukafalar var mı?

  9. Faelandaea

    I like the skulls . . . the headlights look nice . . . the rest . . . well, the rest just makes me want to hurl. But I am going to snag this so I can edit the skulls and lights to fit the streamline and be standalone accessories, and also dull down the tacky white color of said skulls (everyone knows actual bone is not white)

  10. scanialover

    they ruined the scania

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