Scania Tuning mods Necromancy Edition v 4.0

Scania-Tuning-1 Scania-Tuning-2 Scania-Tuning-3

Version 4.0:
* Enabled Backplates for all cabs except Normal
* Added – Real Scania Mirrors
* Added – Griffin Skin
* Added – Support for Scania R & Streamline by RJL

Authors: Solutech, RJL, Shineslip, V8K-Blaine, Unicorn0007, MirmoZibang

DOWNLOAD 66 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 66 MB [Sharemods]

8 thoughts on “Scania Tuning mods Necromancy Edition v 4.0

  1. Vidéo plz ?

  2. Thanks for update!

  3. why is the turn stering wheel red when iuse this mod 😀 plzz FIX 😀

    1. does the stering wheel turning red 😀

  4. why does the stering wheel turns red when iuse this mod ? plzz FIX ?

    1. Not on my computer Serup

  5. Is it possible to fix the mirror slots on “Real Scania mirrors” seems like the lights I put there is hovering a bit from the “Real Scania mirrors”. I don’t see this phenomena on the other mirrors.

    Which order should the mods be placed because I don’t have a tandem chassi on my truck and yes I have downloaded and activated Capitals mod.

  6. Again can people please stop uploading my mod to these sites . I will only provide support on the mods thread on the SCS Forum

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