Scania V8 Crackle 10.5 Sound mod

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My “Crackle” variant of the V8 is here.
I’ve remade it almost from scratch.

it works for : The R, Streamline, RJL (R and 4 series), 6.5 Megamod and the Punisher’s Streamline.
I didn’t make it compatible for the new Gen because i have an upcoming open pipe V8 for it that is almost finished…

Link :

Kriechbaum, SCS


14 Responses to Scania V8 Crackle 10.5 Sound mod

  1. Fred_be says:

    Beau travail comme d’habitude Kriechbaum 🙂

  2. yo says:

    Scania link ?

  3. benito says:

    encore une fois parfait merci

  4. kolynrae says:

    Thank you,nice mod

  5. Driverstein says:

    Video with this amazing mod:

    Thank you Kapitan!

  6. BEAST says:

    SOUND test:

    THANKS Captain !

  7. FoxOnTheBox says:

    Awesome work as always!

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  8. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test

  9. Leif Knudsen says:

    Can’t be better !!

  10. Gaming98LP says:

    This Mod is a beast i am loving it 😀

    Great work as always keep on working this is awesome.

    Thanks Kapitan!

  11. kubsoon says:

    Why this sound not work in my game ?

  12. kubsoon says:

    why this mod not work in my game i drive scania RJL V8 not work sound

  13. The Simulator Guy says:

    Tested Your New Sound On My Game And Here’s The Result! Check Out This Guys And Girls!

  14. Kieron says:

    Hi mate i done a mod review of this sound mod too on my youtube –

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