Scania V8 EGR VGT Open pipe sound

This mod is Scania V8 EGR VGT engine with open pipe sound for SCS and Eugene Scania R-S Series,
RJL and Fred’s Scania R-Streamline

Added Oxygen effect sounds

Slav Jerry And By Oxygen


5 thoughts on “Scania V8 EGR VGT Open pipe sound

  1. The mod doesn’t work, when I select the SCS Scania R-Streamline the game crashes.

    1. Please help, I think the mod is good

      1. buy new truck from gallery

        1. Hello, I did that, but the SCS Scania R-Streamline doesn’t have the engine 520, 580, 730HP. Sorry for the google translate language.

          1. ok sorry, your fix works now. Thanks, is a good sound.

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