Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage Final by adi2003de

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This is my final Version of my Next Stage V8 Soundmods. And it is the last V8 Soundmod from adi2003de!

Original Downloadlink:

Original Presentation: ONLY ON ETS2.LT !!!
If you see the presentation on a other Url. Respect the work and don´t Download it!

so i have a new Project …

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This V8 Sound runs ( Patch 1.31.x and later ) on:
SCS Standard R and Streamline / All new R & S
Scania T and T4
4 Series and RS from RJL
S730 from HomerS

adi2003de, kriechbaum and many more


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46 thoughts on “Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage Final by adi2003de

  1. Deadmarsh

    No no no !!!!!!

    1. adi2003de

      No ? How long did you drive yourself a Open Pipe Scania 16.4litre v8 … Come on Tell me ? And then tell me , how you think that it have to work … Dumb Kid!

      1. Mrscaniatrucker

        btw scania 4 series is a 16 litre not a 16.4 the 4 means the series it is

        1. adi2003de

          Yes i know that .. but more Volume make it silence ? ^.^ It is what it is .. a v8 Engine .. and of course the older are similar to the sound .. the new is a little bit more bass … Of Course .. but it is allways a V8 .. that was what i would say … 🙂

  2. no no this is not how a v8 sounds !!

    1. adi2003de

      I know. you like more the sounds from Oxygen.

      There are two revs in the sound .. and nothing goes straight with the tachometer …

      i know .. you like more silly Sounds, that are non realistic ..

      You have shown it with your comments ..
      So scroll fast little kid .. if you are to dumb to understand an engine sound!

  3. ### is that. What Scania did you get that out of? An old 4 series? Low revs sound like a wet rag being wipped on someone’s skin. bruhh.

    1. adi2003de

      If you don´t have a clue about open pipe sounds . better you shut up. The reason why i make sounds. Not you 🙂

      And for now .. scroll … scroll faster little kid 🙂

      1. Look at you tube and hear verry,verry good to the sound!!! I know how its sounds,i have diesel in my vaines and the Scania V8 emblem tatood on my ###.

        1. adi2003de

          And about this you know how a open pipe is working ?

          So tell me one Thing. ONLY ONE THING!

          Why there are people outside, they drive themself trucks .. and love this sound …

          You are tattood ?

          And with this will you say, you are knowing about sounds …

          the only about you have knowledge ist the pain if you got tattood .. but not more 😀

  4. adi2003de

    SO Guys ….

    Please .. spend a little bit Money for fAITH_ . Obviously he can not afford a bass box. The poor guy can not hear soundmods.
    I’m sorry! 😀

  5. Sotka_GER

    Great job again adi!

    Missed you a long time here!

    If someone wants to listen to Open Pipe sounds watch that:
    and if you watched it display your opinion here.

    1. adi2003de

      Great Comment. allways as everytime. 🙂

      Thank you. Yes there is no more to do on … What should i do for People like them above ?

      I have a new Project on Facebook. It gone more to the technichal Physics of engines, Transmissions, chassis .. and all of this …

      It will more less here on Of course there are people.. But the brain…

      You can feel the echo in there Heads .. you know what i mean ? …

      So Sorry Guy.
      But Thank you 🙂

  6. I’ll be honest, I can see what you were trying to do here, but the bass is definitely not right. The other sounds are brilliant, but the crackle is too high pitched, and the engine itself doesn’t make itself heard unless I crack my bass all the way up (Which I’ve never needed to do, half way usually works for everything from game sounds to Music/Movies)

    No need to get salty, this is just my opinion, I don’t think it’s a bad mod.

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you for your critism.
      That is defined by the word “criticsm”.

      The other people should learn, what is only a sh** comment. And what is respectable critism.

      Thank you guy !

  7. Great sound mod, i love it! 🙂

    1. adi2003de

      you´re welcome 🙂

  8. Leerlauf Sound wie ein Lanz Bulldog… Läuft….

    1. adi2003de

      ja auch du hast wohl noch nie einen Open Pipe Sound in der Realität gehört …

      hinzu kommend das die wenigstens die Klappe offen haben im Stand .. .

      Aber nicht schlimm. Du bist ja noch jung. Wirst bestimmt irgendwann schlauer 🙂

  9. A Robinson

    Sound doesn’t suit the modern R & S series. They are very muted even with a straight pipe. They don’t have that bark anymore

    Sound suits the older 4 & 5 series but not the Streamline as Euro 6 engines just have a low growl.

    1. adi2003de

      Nice Review. But look at the video in Sotka_ger his comment. You will learn a other side ..

      What has changed so far on the machines ??
      Nothing! It is still a 16.4l v8

      The operation of a piston is still the same .. the 4 clocks are still the same …

      The chemical process of burning diesel is still the same.

      The only thing that has changed .. Filter systems … and the exhaust systems.

      And you think it would be impossible to replace the exhaust system?

      Take a look at the video .. or others about the New Generation .. and you’ll be surprised how loud an S730 can be …

      But apart from that . the new ones are only 2 for which the sound is made .. all others are much older .. and to the majority silent sounds would not fit .. we hope we agree on that.

      And straight pipe .. is still not open pipe! 😉

      1. káposzta123

        Yep, that’s a very good comment that shows how little you know about how these exhaust systems work and how big of an effect diiferent turbos have on the engine sound. And you still feel that you can just call everyone who’s telling the truth a kid while you’re the biggest one among them. You are a sh*t person with sh*t sound mods.

        1. adi2003de

          Sure. i am a real Truck Driver. About this i have of course no glue about all that things … 😀

          You are also a dumb Kid 🙂

        2. adi2003de

          And especially for you …

          did I call A. Robinson a kid?
          Did I call Curly a kid?

          NO? Although they criticized me negatively?

          Why are you lying for little sucker?

          So start to identify why I did not do this. Look how these guys write criticism.

          And like the other children write something .. a NO NO NO is now not a criticism but children #### .. and that’s how it is treated!


  10. adi2003de

    ahhh i steal mods .. then i modify them and say it is mine …
    Let me think about it ..

    Why i write in the Credits kriechbaum and many more ?
    About i say it is mine ?


  11. patrick 373


    1. adi2003de

      Danke schön. Und nein lass ich nicht. 2500 Downloads ( bis jetzt! ) können schlecht irren. Da können die 5 Profis auch nichts mehr ausrichten 😀

  12. Funny how you’re being so offensive because people don’t like your mod…

    the realistic part is that when you’re at 15rpm the sound is totally ###### up… But that makes it even more fun that you talk like this trucker who was born in a V8, while no truck driver isn’t supposed to overrev like you are.

    1. adi2003de

      i don´t know what you hear but my soundmods don´t have at 1500 Rpm a other sound …
      The sounds are the same from 600 to 3000 rpm .. Proof the Scriptings 😉
      Maybe you hear to much Oxygen Sounds 😀

  13. Mrscaniatrucker

    #### sound oxygens is better and thats bad ;[

    1. adi2003de

      Oxygens are better .. so take it … and play with them .. and you will see .. it is yours .. when the sound become from 1500 rpm the double of speed ..

      Do it .. But let me be .. and my sound. If it is not yours .. GO HOME KID!

      1. Meine Fresse was ist denn hier los ? Wer zwingt denn hier jemanden irgend einen Mod zu laden oder zu nutzen ? Bastelt doch erst mal eine Sound-Mod und dann , wenn er besser ist könnt Ihr euch auskotzen.
        @Adi2003de – lass dich nicht runterziehen von solchen Experten, viele mögen diesen Mod und sind froh das DU DEINE FREIZEIT FÜR UNS OPFERST ! Du musst es ja nicht .
        Immer das selbe – Kostenlos ist nicht gut genug . Kein Respekt für die Arbeit Anderer und wahrscheinlich nie in einem LKW gesessen diese Nasen .

        1. adi2003de

          Danke Mike … Dafür bekommen sie noch die Kutsche .. Ich warte noch auf einen Kommi das er frei gegeben wird .. mit einem Video link .. damit die Deppen mal lernen, das ein V8 nichts mit irgendeiner Version des LKW zu tun hat .. Sondern sich deswegen so anhört, weil es einfach ein V8 ist …

          Mir ist das aber auch egal . das war so oder so mein letzter Offizieller Mod .. Der Rest funktioniert über meine FB seite ( links oben in der Beschreibung! ) und da können sich user einkaufen in mein Projekt und bekommen natürlich auch den Respekt von mir für ihr Geld …

          Ganz einfach und simple ist das ..

          Die Community bettelt darum .. Also bekommt sie genau das!

  14. adi2003de

    So about all the Guys, who think a V8 have to sound a other way about it is newer or it is a new Scania …

    What did you think what the BRAND “V8” has to listen ?
    Over 100 Years V8 listen like an V8. Equal about on there stands Scania Freightliner Mercedes or what ever ..

    A V8 sounds like an V8 … And this truth will be alive EVER!



  15. Moin,
    erstmal danke für die coole Sound-Mod 🙂
    Gibt es diesen auch ohne “Open Pipe”? Ich finds z.B. genial, dass du einen Sound für die Druckluftbremse mit eingefügt hast. Das suche ich schon ewig.
    Danke und LG!

    1. adi2003de

      Nein das ist die letzte Version die es gibt von mir .. da ich mich einem anderen Projekt zu gemüte führe .. Trotzdem wünsche ich dir viel Spass mit dem Sound …

  16. Pure garbage

    1. adi2003de

      Sure .. Pure Garbage ..

      EAT THIS LITTLE #####!

  17. Heaven and Hell

    With all my respect, this is way the best Scania V8 Open Pipe sound mod ever, it sounds like in real life and i really love it! Thank you very much Adi!!!

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you. It was my last Work .. Why .. you see it in the comments .. It is not the community for what i want to work about month to make this quality of sounds!

  18. Good+mod+but+what’s+funny+is+you+call+people+”kid’s”+when+the+way+you+act+makes+it+look+like+that+you+yourself+are+a+kid.+Idk+about+you+but+resorting+to+insults+because+someone+doesn’t+like+something+you+do+which+is+an+opinion+seems+like+something a”kid”would do

    1. adi2003de

      you are knowing me ? You are know that i am 41 Years old ?
      You are know that i drive myself in real about 5 Years Trucks?
      You are know me ? YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME!

  19. why there is no interior sound engine?
    can you repair it?

    1. adi2003de

      look in the video . .there is a interior sound …

      Look at your game .. you are the only one who have a Problem . so make sure it is your Bug .. not my bug 😉

  20. Now this is what i call a BADASS scania sound here!

  21. One of my favorites Sounds Mods (my viewers like it a lot too). Thank you so much for sharing and do not listen troll comments.

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