Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage IV v 2.0 by adi2003de

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This V8 Sound runs ( Patch 1.30.x ) on:
SCS Standard R and Streamline / All new R & S
Scania T and T4
4 Series and RS from RJL
S730 from HomerS

adi2003de, kriechbaum and many more


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18 thoughts on “Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage IV v 2.0 by adi2003de

  1. hd test video 1.30…

    1. adi2003de

      Thank you for Supprt 🙂

  2. Leif Knudsen

    What kind of xenon are you using ??

    1. adi2003de

      my own 🙂

      1. Leif Knudsen

        And it’s priv. ??

        1. adi2003de

          There are enough xenon mods on this side …

  3. FoxOnTheBox

    Very nice work Adi2003de 🙂

    HD Video tested on 1.30

    1. adi2003de

      You´re welcome 🙂

  4. Спасибо adi2003de!Отличный звук,продолжай в том же русле.

    1. adi2003de


  5. This is a very good one ! Sounds great !
    Thank you.

    1. adi2003de

      You´re welcome 🙂

  6. Wunderschön sound!

    1. adi2003de

      Danke schön 🙂

  7. mod dosyasının içine atıyorduk dimi?

    1. adi2003de

      Ne yazık ki, ne demek istediğini anlamıyorum. Bunun için Google Translate yeterli değil: X

  8. thx

    1. adi2003de

      you welcome 🙂

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