Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage IV v1.0 by adi2003de ( UPDATE )

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This V8 Sound runs ( Patch 1.30.x ) on:
SCS Standard R and Streamline / All new R & S
Scania T and T4
4 Series and RS from RJL
S730 from HomerS

Update: Fixed the problem from the version before ! Now it runs perfectly

adi2003de, kriechbaum and many more


19 Responses to Scania V8 Open Pipe Next Stage IV v1.0 by adi2003de ( UPDATE )

  1. neranjana says:

    HD Video Test 1.30

  2. emmanuil says:

    HD test video 1.30

  3. RobvanDijk says:

    Geweldig, wat een super geluid

  4. hansetrans says:

    lel nothing special nothing new just add other soundfiles to the basic one

    • adi2003de says:

      so tell me what do you want ? What do you think how works a soundmod ? And if it is nothing new .. so tell me why in the name of the hell download the sound more then 1000 people alone in the first day ?

      Sure that you have a knowledge about how a soundmod works ?
      I don´t think so 🙂

      happy new Year … little kid !

  5. heavygamer70 says:

    Sound is not bad, but, sorry, has nothing to do with a V8 sound from Scania, not even 10% of my real Scania V8 sound.
    The only good V8 sound is from kriechbaum himself, his crackle sound is very good, sounds like my Scania.
    Keep up your work, one day you will got a good sound.
    Happy new year.

    • adi2003de says:

      You drive in real an open Pipe ? Yes ? Than you should go to the doctor . so if you think that kriechbaum his sound is that what a Open Pipe means ..

      Kriechbaum his sound is a stock sound ..
      So for now .. think about it 🙂

      And only for the protokoll my sounds will downloaded over 6.000 times each one ..
      If my sounds are bad .. the complete Community will be dumb …

      So talk to the other peoples …

      You are driving an V8? So you mean every v8 have to sounds like yours …Sorry but i have to destroy your World .. Go on youtube and search about v8 sounds from scania .. and you will see that your sound that you knows … one of 1.000.000 sounds is … ON ONE AND THE SAME ENGINE !

      But maybe one Day you will open your mind ..and accept that there is more in the world as you know alone 😉

      Happy new Year, too

  6. fmad says:

    Thank you, works now well- and sounds well. Thank you for sharing an a nice 2018 –

  7. @dr_jaymz says:

    thanks dude! Happy New Year 2018. Cheers!

  8. Scaniaman2006 R620 says:

    hi adi2003de I tested the version off this out for 1.28 ets2 and my rating off it would be 11/10! 🙂 just wondering does it still have the L6 sound??? (6 cylinder engine not the V8) happy new year!

    • adi2003de says:

      The 6Cyl Sound will be my next Project.

      So you can get the second Version of the v8 sound .. it is downloadable since yesterday .. you can find it on this page .. 🙂

      Thank you all about it the Rating 🙂
      What would you give me for the second version ? 😀

      • Scaniaman2006 R620 says:

        I haven’t driven a V8 for a long time now! but from the video’s ive watched it sounds absolutely fudging awesome! I have downloaded it but in till I drive a v8 again in ets2 I carnt use it so sorry about that!

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