Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v3.0


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A sound mod for scania RJL, Scania v8 by Bogdan Kasalap and stock SCS scanias.

inspired by this video:…

It is absolutely forbidden upload this mod to another file hoster. Always share it using the provided link!

Aeronildo, SCS Software


14 thoughts on “Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v3.0

  1. Piratxxx11

    NOt real sound…fake…

  2. Перделка какая то.

    Please try to make one close to this 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am asking cuz i know squat about sound modding… Hehehe

  4. Fsxdude04

    crashes on rjl scaniamodifications 🙁 will try on a clean profile

    1. aeronildo

      it’s not crashing with me. really don’t know the problem.

  5. Bl@ckWolf

    This is V8 Sound !!!! and better

  6. Very well done Aeronildo!!

  7. @aeronildo, CAN USE the 1.16.x version? I know very little english

    1. aeronildo

      the mod is compatible with 1.19. x version. older versions may work, i don’t know. if it doesn’t work put zzzzzzzzz in the beginning of “V8 Scania Sound by Aeronildo V3.0” if you use RJL mod, make sure my mod stays below it in the mod folder. try this and see if it helps.

  8. Да писец! Грёбаный отбойный молоток

  9. @1st call the service
    engine is out of order

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