Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v6.0


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the mod is working with:
1- Scania r and Streamline modifications 1.4.1
2- Scania T 1.7.1
3- Scania v8 by Bogdan Kasalap
4- Stock SCS Scanias.

Do not reupload this mod to another file hoster.



19 thoughts on “Scania v8 sound by Aeronildo v6.0

  1. на rjl rs работает не коректно

    1. А где скачать Scania RJL Я искал и не нашол!!! Потскажи

    2. aeronildo

      well, if it doesn’t work can you tell me which truck is in the video? increase priority in mod manager.

  2. Blinkers are fantastic!!! The self sound not so in my opinion 🙂 If you have the engine sounds from your last version before this one that would be amazing!

    1. aeronildo

      i appreciate your feedback but do you refer to version 3? i ask because that was the last version published here, but there are versions 4 and 5 that i published only in my youtube channel, and i think you don’t know them.

      1. Yes i would like them engine sounds but with these blinkers 🙂

          1. You are such a nice guy thank you sooooo much!!! 😀

          2. i want it too man i really like it !! please add once more the link

  3. this could be an amazing sound if somebody good tweaked it a little bit.

  4. Skin pls

  5. Sound of the engine running idle is great, very realistic.
    But I’ve never heard a truck sound like that in your video.. it sounds more like a tractor then truck.
    I would love if you could just change the sound of engine running idle and keep everything else original 😀

    1. aeronildo

      one of the videos that i used to make this mod:
      where i live there’s no v8 trucks. i never heard a sound of a v8 truck so youtube videos is the only way i have an idea of how to make the sound. and that is a problem because it depends on video record quality.

  6. can you make this sund for all RJL series?

    1. aeronildo

      what trucks are you talking about? i only know scania rs v1.4.1and scania t v1.7.1.

  7. Doktor_Psix

    Очередной заедающий шлако звук…..

    1. aeronildo

      oh, the dumb russian appears again with his ####. you’re just a hater…nob0dy here cares about what you say, мудак.

      1. Pay no attention to this fool, not all Russians are like him, he’s just immature schoolboy, your mod makes a wonderful sound!

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