Scania V8 Sound by Zeeuk1 v 2.0


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Here I have made a sound mod for default Scania streamlines and r-cabs supporting all V8 engines!

I have downloaded previously downloaded many other Euro Truck Simulator 2 sound mods and have edited them to suit in the best way possible. (Kriechbaum & Nelson)

Thanks to my friend Rupert Smith for making the mod review which you can watch below.

This is Version 2 of the mod, Whats been improved ?
-New Indicator sounds
-Louder horn (Exterior)
-New Air brake sounds
-New gear air sounds
-New and improved start up warning sounds

So stay tuned for more. Also please leave a comment if you have any questions or any recommendations for version 3 update.

Authors: Zeeuk1, Rupert Smith, Kriechbaum, SCS


18 Responses to Scania V8 Sound by Zeeuk1 v 2.0

  1. Ryan says:

    Nice mod but doesn’t sound like a V8 inside the cab. Outside, yes, but not inside. If you want to improve it, please reduce the throaty rasp at high RPM; makes it sound like a motorbike than a truck. In real life, these trucks don’t do high RPMs, so more of a low throaty V8 gurgle will be good. Expecting more from you!

  2. Ugur says:

    Dont work !

    • Zeeuk1 says:

      It would work! Either you haven’t installed it properly or you haven’t put it at the top of your mod list.
      In upgrade shop make sure you select one of the v8 engines at the bottom of the list.
      Or if you are using RJL it will not work. *Incompatible*
      But I will make sure this is fixed for version 3

      If you want to like my Facebook page to keep track of progress or to make some private suggestions feel free:

  3. ScaniaV8TruckerMarc says:

    It is nice but i totally agree whit the points that ryan said and for the update to version 3 i would like to ask you: could you make it compatible with the Scania R, Streamline and T models by RJL?

    • Zeeuk1 says:

      It’s already compatible with the streamline and scania r as long as you select a v8 engine in the upgrade shop. Also I have been told it’s working fine with scania t just not with scania R RJL but I will make sure that is fixed for version 3.

      Here’s my Facebook page so keep up to date with everything I am making:

  4. hajluk says:

    This Mod Working ets2 1.24 or not working????

  5. Santiago says:

    What is this map?

  6. serghei says:

    Zeeuk1 any chance for RJL please, and one more quiestion on my rjl mod the latest one soud diseppeared why?? can you help me please

    • Zeeuk1 says:

      Yeah that’s the problem sound just disappears for some very odd reason. I’ll be looking into that for you in version 3 and I’ll make sure it’s compatible with version 3.

  7. kennifc1994 says:

    very lovely sound really like it by the way can’t wait for version 3.

  8. Kr1st0fka says:

    Good for the scania T trailer trucks?

  9. DigitalX says:

    Just a thought mate, I have the Sound Fixes mod, is this going to clash as the truck has its own indicator sounds..?

  10. Ro0llo says:

    Sounds exactly like the kriechbaum one. Wondering what you have changed to kriechbaums sound in order to claim this to be “your” mod.

    And listen to a real scania on youtube. Doesnt sound like this at all…

    • zeeuk1 says:

      Plenty has been changed. The only thing that is the same from Kreichbaums mod is the crackle in high revs per minute.

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