Scania V8 Sound Mod + Skin Pack



Hello everyone, so today as i posted over some of forums here you guys
have a late reworked sound mod from Zero the Scania V8 Stright Pipe,
totaly rebuilded and with autentic Scania Sounds from real life.

Each mod just getting better and better closer and closer to real
sound, is hard to make recorded sound sounding in game like you hear
in real life, but i got my tecnique and is resulting, now lets jump in
the video preview of this still WORK IN PROGRESS Mod review, this
sound mod will be working on 50Keda’s ScaniaR2008 also will work on
Streamline Scania from SCS and also for Scania R2009 SCS, so prity
much it will cover all scanias that out there, now my side project is
Mercedes Benz Antos Sound Engine and also working on new DAF Sound Mod
all this two sound mods will be stock engines no stright pipes, Daf
Sound Mod will be for 50Keda’s New reworked DAF that is at the dore to
relise! Check the SCS Software Forum for more informations and mods!

►Also Get this Skin Pack Right Now As Requested! Works On 50Keda’s
Scania R2008.

►Guys any questions feel free to comment and ask also leave your
feedback and your impressions about the mod! And Please if you about
to say any critic please do it constructive and don’t need any bad
words, Respect me as you wold like to have same respect for you. Any
badword comment will be delited.

Release Date will be anunced here on comments below.

Thank you all and my Best Regards And Respect! ComandoreOne.


►Video Review WIP:

8 thoughts on “Scania V8 Sound Mod + Skin Pack

  1. DeineMudda

    awesome! pls go on!

  2. Could not agree more, this is an amazing mod. Many thanks for sharing!

  3. Scaniaman

    ### SKIN PACK! PlEaSe AdD ThE T-R-U-C-K SOUND For DoWnLoAd!!!!!!!!

  4. Okay .. since this is work in progress,no reason to go down hard on the man so id ask everyone kindly to wait for the final release before raging,eventualy:) . Anyway,let’s see : Good start,good off engine .. the horn .. well .. needs to be a more *manly* if ya get what i mean. Once you get it started,there’s so very little sound drop/pause before gear shifting,wich ain’t realy good,that definatly has to be fixed. The acceleration needs to peak higher but with a lower tone,sorta like a tunnel effect on it ( hope i explained well enough ). Also as a special request and im sure a few people would agree,a version of the sound with *open pipe* in addition to the original *straight* is to be appreciated. I think i covered all. By the way .. you never left a way for you to be contacted last time,or was it just me missing it and that front lower bumper on the truck in the video(unless is private work) it’s a must have so if you agree,drop a download link around for it. Cheers and keep up the work.

    1. ComandoreOne

      Thank you so much once more my Friend!

      Okay my contact is : [email protected]

      Now about wheels guys and skins, the skin in the picture you finde at scs software forum in the Others section.

      Wheels are privet as they was reworked by me but original wheels by venttyres for now they remain as my privet reworked, probably in future i relise them.

      Now the moment that some of you was waiting!! Update on the Sound Mod Scania TOP RUNNER, the sound mod is finished and rady to pack i will be packing making video promo for relise and as soon this will be rady i will post the mod here 😀 So stay tuned and don’t forge to check my new DAF PACCAR REVIEW video at my channel!

      Best Regards ComandoreOne.

  5. pratt&whitney

    I want to get the skin in the ficture.
    Where can I get that?

  6. sgtblazze

    is it work on scania R topline?

  7. after all…what is your final sound…fro you all are ultimate…a lot of diferente names but always the same voice….gamerhouse tek….coamndore….toprider…infexis…man?what´s your latest alter ego?
    get`s hard to track your work…as i comment before…i download one file that change nothing…please,could you tell me where you have uploaded your latest sound version?
    i would have be very thankfull

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