Scania V8 Sound v1.4


Author: Nikola Kostovski
Credits to JCV


32 thoughts on “Scania V8 Sound v1.4

  1. DrifterNHS

    Why mod file is locked? can’t download in mediafire.

  2. MatheusCLG

    another link pls, the file has a weekly dowload limit

  3. trucker richy

    Nikola please can you remove the password. No point in offering us a mod if you password it 🙂

  4. Agree with trucker richy, C´mon!

  5. NikolaKostovski

    password is in Read me.

  6. can not download 🙁

  7. Hey, link is dead
    “Archive is Encrypted or Password Protected”

  8. NikolaKostovski

    or this link
    sorry to All..
    It will not happen next time

  9. why do people upload such useless mods?
    Could be a mistake (anyone can) but then the uploader should take the effort to respond to questions like this.

  10. Nikola Kostovski
    sorry to All..
    It will not happen next time

    1. Next time be faster with reupload link..

    2. trucker richy

      Thanks for the new link Nikola. Downloading it now 🙂

  11. DrifterNHS


  12. TYVMuch

    1. Nikola, we need the RETARDER SOUND

      1. trucker richy

        We also need the password removed, or given to us lol

        1. NikolaKostovski

          Password is in Read me.txt

          1. trucker richy

            HAHAHAHA i am such a noob. I read the read me.txt just after i posted my last comment. Sorry Nikola, good sound to it, i like it, thanks for making it 🙂

  13. trucker richy

    Hey Baba mate, or anyone else. You know the AI truck speed mods, i have 2 that tired out for 1.3.1 and they dont work. Anyone know of 1 that does work with 1.3.1, or do i need to take out my no speed limit mod?…..just asking 🙂

    1. take a look @ the game_data.sii file in y speed mods
      entry – truck_speed_limit: 95.0 or 110.0 and so on

      the last speed mod in your mod folder
      with the entry truck_speed_limit regulates y truck speed

      for AI Mods – set zzzZzzz_modname after the trackMOD Name in y mod folder

  14. Once initiated, such as the scania 124, 164L

  15. Is so cool

  16. need password every link i click on this page dont work i can download it but cant extract the files

  17. password is: NikolaKostovski1994

  18. many thanks

  19. still not work all that happens is it shows the read me

  20. hol lehet modot készíteni vagy hol lehet letölteni egy olyan programot ahol lehet modot csonálni?

  21. Annó én nem tudok módot készíteni, de a Z Modelerrel lehet. A google-ba rákeresel. :))
    Amugy üdv: voltam a KillStone
    Nem láttam még magyart ide írni 😀

  22. Awesome mod, I’m not the best at sounds, but I like it and that’s all that matters. No problems with the download or passwords what so ever. For those that still haven’t got the fact that the pasword is in the README FILE here it goes again 😀

  23. video??? you tube

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