Scania V8 Soundmod v 1.0


V8 Soundmod for Scania Trucks. See YouTube.
Author: SpeedyBK


6 thoughts on “Scania V8 Soundmod v 1.0

  1. Dies ist eines der besten Mods für den Scania R Topline habe ich festgestellt, und hat tolle Sounds, klingt das Horn viel besser als das normale. Danke Speedydk Sie haben einen tollen Job gemacht. Used Translator to put it in your Languge

  2. Holy sh*t! That’s some sound! You want to wind down the window and just listen to this…no more radio for me. It such that you wouldn’t want this one driving by your house at night. But… maybe add some mid and/or lower bass to it; you want to ‘feel’ the exhaust rumble.

    As it is now…thank you!!!

  3. Holy sh*t. That’s some sound. The raspiness of the exhaustpipes, the engine whine, the burble when shifting to lower gear… Awesome. You don’t want that beast drive by your house at night. But – always a but – it could use some more low for the exhaust to give it *even* #####, I mean, body.

  4. Thanks for making this! This is the best soundmod no doubt, i just whish it was even louder! =)
    In the next version try to make it sound good even when not accelerating that would be awesome.

  5. Hey bro!! FANTASTIC sound !! amazing just wow!! i want to say thank you for spending your time and making this for us SCANIA 4Ever!

    And one thing buddy can you make new version of this sound with beter Horn and exaust claping i will show you here a vid you can see and hear some of v8 scania sounds and when the guys accelarate the exaust make a claping sound pls make this 😀

    Thanks bro !! hope you make once more an BEAST SOUND!! BEST EVER!!

  6. Once again my friend i just found on youtube a claping pipe sound and turbo from real scania v8 and is like a music ! take a look and try to make somthing like that !! and belive me there is no sounds with so good quality as you have buddy !! suberb work!

    here is video :

    You can get the sound from youtube by download it in mp3 format using the Vdowloader and then edit it with sony vegas or other program you use. 🙂 pls pls make this !! 😀

    Thanks with best regards Andre.

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