Scania V8 – Stock Engine Sound v1.1


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I’ve made this mod trying to replicate as much as possible the real feel of driving a truck.
It all started with this thread:

– interior sounds
*applied some eq on exhaust sounds
*applied some eq on engine sounds
*applied some eq on engine stop sound
*small changes on engine sound volume at high rpm

– exterior sounds
* engine sound changed
* exhaust sound changed
* gear changing sound edited
* break sound edited
* small volume edits for engine and exhaust

– I also made a version for the truck made by 50keda, Scania R2008 v4. It’s in beta, I don’t use his model and couldn’t test it. It should work fine, but maybe someone that uses his mod can confirm.

by nIGhT-SoN

DOWNLOAD 4.5 MB Sharemods
DOWNLOAD 4.5 MB Uploadfiles

DOWNLOAD for 50keda Scania R2008 v4 3.7 MB Sharemods
DOWNLOAD for 50keda Scania R2008 v4 3.7 MB Uploadfiles

2 thoughts on “Scania V8 – Stock Engine Sound v1.1

  1. sry but 1.0 better than this..
    too much bass 🙁

  2. hmm theres seems to be alot of sound popping.. :/

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