Scania Vabis Lenkrad mod


Scania Steering Wheel works on 1.9 and 50keda truck mod.

by Pitbull


17 thoughts on “Scania Vabis Lenkrad mod

  1. GhostRunner

    This is not a wheel, but a child’s hula hoop to the hop. Ridiculous as convertion, yes because it is a convertion and not a creation

  2. There is a Vabis Steering Wheel,that still works properly on current verions,made by ManuBe. 50K/R2009. Not for Streamline.

    1. breizhdave

      hello my mod manuBe. 50K/R2009 does not work in and 1.9.22. the wheel is red

      1. That’s because you need another mod to make it work Dave and it just so happends i have the link right here :
        Just copy it in your mod folder,activate it and you should have no problems after that. Cheers.

        1. breizhdave

          I just tried voting and thank you for your help.
          I miss him more than inside for 50k

          thank you again LucianM

  3. breizhdave

    I just need your file or I need one of manuBe too. It will work for Scania R2008 50k?


    Here is the mod,but to make it work,once you download it and placed it into your mod file,you need to download also the link i gave you above. And yes this is designed for 50keda’s truck and for scania R2009

    1. breizhdave

      I just tried voting and thank you for your help.
      I miss him more than white inside for 50k

      thank you again LucianM

      1. No problem Dave,hope it works and you get to enjoy it,cheers.

  5. Trucker Melli

    super wäre ein vabis lenkrad für den streamline, das vermisse ich noch! ich glaube, das hat noch keiner hinbekommen!?

  6. trucker rob

    does this mod work on the streamline scania???

    1. nope

  7. This steering wheel is called Old School. Its the same as yellow lights. in the 60/70/80’s this was normal 😉

    1. Well, sure.
      But then take a good model at least.

  8. Great mod!

  9. Benny Bugge

    Many Scandinavian and holland’s truck + more uses this steering wheel… get you’r act together

  10. So tell friends instead of coming criticize my work (which I recall was the first flying out on ets 2) you’d better do the same and not to come steal those of others!

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