Super Physics Mod V2


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– If not consistent problem has been solved.
– The Cab settings re-written.
– Suspension settings have changed.
-Cab setting is changed according to the speed.

I’m sorry translation may not be accurate

BerkeCank, Efe1903


Video link:

12 thoughts on “Super Physics Mod V2

  1. That is just retarded, remove it ASAP ffs

  2. Awesome physics, just what I was searching, thanks!!

  3. those trucks are made of steel or jello ?

  4. Link don’t work

  5. Download link not running.

  6. Bruno M Pinto

    the best physics mod i’ve ever saw, please update the link, it’s not working. Great job 🙂

    1. Thanks

  7. New versions will be available April 9 or 10.

    Thank you for your comments

    I hope you’ll like the new version 😀

  8. NON_Steam_PLAYER

    THIS is the perfect PHYSICS!!

    this mod of yours is a bad

  9. Cool physics mod.Berke Cank Finally, the trailer tilts as it really is.
    Mod is one minus the truck trailer is tense back of the truck rises. This would improve the rear of the tractor sculptures in August is not raised. Regards

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