Scania Vabis Pack v 2.0 for 1.35

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Scania vabis pack for 1.35.*
For owned trailers
Package includes:
2x skin for Scania rs by RJL
2x skin for schwarzmuller trailer
2x Lightbox from Scania vabis
DLC schwarzmuller is required for trailer functionality!!
I hope the package will like it

Honza_CZ, SCS and more


8 thoughts on “Scania Vabis Pack v 2.0 for 1.35

  1. Sorry 4x skin for Schwarzmuller owned trailer

  2. Scania RJL is not working on v1.35.

    1. RJL will work just to write compatibility
      More video
      I am sorry for my English

    2. Yes, he works fine for me. 🙂
      Open the Manifest and put this in:
      compatible_versions[]: “1.35.*”

      1. You my friend… are a Hero……….many thanks the Scania is working. Peace

      2. TheGreenlightTrucker

        Or just delete all “compatible_versions[]:” lines.

  3. Template for Schwarzmüller trailer ?

  4. Daš mi heslo pls na vnitřni složku ? diky dopředu

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