Scania Verbeek skin


Skin is totally made by Freddy Jimmink if there is any simularity with skins made
by others is a fact! We all make the same skin! So don’t come it is mine, because I
took my time in my skin, NOT You!

All files are open and keep it that way! If You lock them, i will unlock them again and again!

And if You have comments fine! Give than the right mods to people SHARE we call that!

Author: Freddy Jimmink


22 thoughts on “Scania Verbeek skin

  1. MasterOfKristian

    What is the mod u use for the Grill?

  2. Awesome as usual.

  3. FINALLY TY Fred

  4. GhostRunner


  5. ets2scania

    Works for 50keda scania 2008

    1. Dave-v8-vabis

      Does not work anymore!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Works for 50keda scania R2008 ?

  7. Freddy Jimmink

    The grill is integrated in the scan V4

  8. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks guys i did my best

  9. shagrathliviu

    very nice skin! thank you, as usual, you are doing great skins and trucks, thanks a lot!!

  10. I’ve been waiting for MONTHS* for a working Verbeek skin .. finaly it’s here and working !!! Love you Freddy .. i’m also using some other skins you designed !! Maybe in the near future you will consider making a standalone Verbeek mod ? Would be amazing ! Btw what other mods are you using for the truck you screenshooted here ? Thanks a LOT again and keep up the good work ! Much love baby ! HAH

  11. a great work Freddy 🙂

  12. MrEtsTrucker

    Skin is perfect!

    Can you tell me what mod do you use for the truck accessories?


  13. Dennis Gebhart

    Very nice Freddy! Now I have a question, Are you using the .dds file to paint off of or the hoaky templates? I have a trailer skin to post but can’t log in. Don’t know why

  14. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks all

    I use for accesories TC_magamix mod 7.5 modified and TC 3.0 modified, they must be found here.

    Mr.ETS Trucker. Would You be so kind to make a beautifull promo video for me please?

    You can find me on FB



  15. DennisGebhart

    Great Skin Freddy!!! 🙂

  16. MrEtsTrucker


    You are the first that asked me that!!!

    And because of that I WILL TRY to do it! 🙂

    Here is my email: [email protected] please send me your thoughts!

  17. Freddy Jimmink

    I saw Your work sir and i am very impressed by Your work, i looked at Your channel and i will take contact with You

  18. Freddy I like your skins they are perfect it would be really good your skins on a 50k scania is that something you could do?

  19. Well done Freddy….don’t stop

  20. the mod looks and is awesome..
    you and several others doing stuff that i could only dream off.
    and i dont no if i can ask of you #### could you make a skin from H.J van bentum from the netherlands ??
    because i havent got a cleu how to doo such a thing.

    respect for all the modders.

  21. hoi Jimmy , er is iets fouts aan de skin.

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