Scania Visor


worked on v1.7.0
its a scania visor(king of the road)



10 thoughts on “Scania Visor

  1. Make it for volvo too plz!! its a request. 🙂

  2. wait…it doesnt work. it comes as “Swedissh heartbeat” ###?

  3. kostashellas

    niko den emfanizetai ayto ths foto.vgazei ena poy leei “Swedissh heartbeat”.tsekare to

    1. English?

  4. Well it worked for me but in console it says this Model in old format detected ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/sunshield/scania_rcab_2009/sunshield_01.pmg’, please upgrade format to improve load performance! Apart from that its fine 🙂

  5. nikostampakos

    boys worked well

  6. nikostampakos

    yes its one ADAPTATION οsweedish heartbeat

  7. nikos221188

    aderfe pos ftiaxneis mod?
    steile mou minima an thes

  8. dont work for me…

  9. Turbo.Star

    Tell me how do i make this work comes as “Swedish Heartbeat”

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