Volvo FH16 2013 Pleyms Skin


Volvo FH16 2013 Truck Pleyms Skin with Tuning

Author: Freddy


29 thoughts on “Volvo FH16 2013 Pleyms Skin

  1. You copied that skin. It is not your work!!

  2. Metaltom68

    Yes this skin ist not from you ! ! ! ! its from MT design

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Nobody OWNS a skin and everybody is free to make whatever he wants guys,

    Read the official SCS site

  4. Tim Stevens

    Freddy, ik kijk bij de originele van MT design, en zie jou reactie, dan slaat jou laatste nergens op van het is van iedereen, want je zegt zelf dit:

    The skin is NOT MT Design! It is made by J.J.Troeng Designs for Pleyms Transport, who gave the exclusive rights to no-one!

    That MT Design made it (incomplete by the way) is a coïncedance


    Het maakte toch niet uit? Nou blijkbaar wel!

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    Call me whatever You want guys but admit i am the better 1

  6. Freddy Crook, a liar, a thief labor

  7. Freddy Jimmink

    Now i know i am the better 1 mmtt, thanks for the compliments, maybe You as Designer (Ahumdrum) can learn something here ey?

    1. Good-by, you waste of skin!!…

      1. Whatever anyone says to him/her goes in one ear and out of the other because there is nothing in between blocking the traffic.

  8. I can not praise than to say what they insult you #######, you praise them
    Freddy Crook,Thıff Freddy

  9. You people are just being ###### .. First of all,nobody has NO #### clain over NO ####### mod since you can’t put that under a trademark. SCS has claims over their work. Mods are free and if files are left open,it means people may adjust and even make better certain mods ,as they please,giving credits to their original creator. I see nothing wrong with taking a skin(for example)and making it look nicer than it was before .. Now if you don’t appreciate the work people put in for the mods you download ,you realy need to chill the hell out..find some other games to play.

    1. Working skinner name written work must be respected.

      skiner he wrote his own name.

  10. Yes so ? You originaly made that and it was good. Look at it now .. it’s perfect .. Fits that truck very well .. you should be proud instead of complaining over petty ####. I’m not getting into a debate with you here. Keep on doing what you do. Cheers.

    1. Cheers.

  11. Sigmund Freud

    You don’t need to be a police detective to realise “Tim Stevens” is actually Freddy Jimmink using another name. He doesn’t hide his unique mannerisms/idiosyncrasies at all, and it comes across very clearly that it is the same person writing both.

    He feels the need to create a fake account like that to try to make it seem like another member of the community supports him, but mostly he does it to convince his own doubts about the morality of his actions. Although he is ultimately aware “Tim Stevens” does not exist, on some level he lets himself believe this self-created person exists and that there is someone out there who supports him. He is incredibly lonely and obviously he feels some guilt about his actions and feels the need to, in his own delusional way, try to justify them to the public (but mostly to himself).

    He probably even enjoys the accusations because they not only give him the attention he does not get in regular life, but also allow him to do things (such as create “Tim Stevens”) that help him believe he has done nothing wrong, alleviating himself of his guilt and also giving himself an opportunity to praise himself to boost his crippled self-esteem “i am the better 1”. He is highly narcissistic.

    My comment will likely bring out a response from him (or another “Tim Stevens”) exposing his repressed anger.

  12. Freddy Jimmink

    Sigmund Freud rises again? Or is re-incarnated,

    But what he writes about me is pure ####! I am not
    Tim Stevens, not in real not in fiction!

    I am not like Sigmund Freud using a fakename, my name is my real name, but believe who You want to believe

    Lucian has right! if a skin is made better admit it (and i am not Lucian, Sigmund)

    The Malcolm skin on the old FH was already done by Per_DK and me, The man/woman who made it just now mae it under his/her name and don’t give the Original credits 2. And did You hear me making trouble????

    No because it is his skin! There are tons of Eddie Stobarts by people and no-one says a word about that!

    The skin is good but not as good as the Original and i won’t say anything, it is too childish to do i go on with my hooby and so must You all instead of talking nonsence! You better can enjoy the beautifull mods people make!

    For MT Designs that You don’t like me is clear i wish You all the best and luck to go on accusing me and i sincerally hope You will do the same with all others who stole Your skins!

    If People want to whine or moan go find another site, but let’s all enjoy our hobby here!


    Freddy Jimmink
    Exclusive Custom Skins
    The Netherlands

    1. Subliminal

      Freddy Jimmink – you are a boss!!
      and your mods are great, good job!

    2. “If People want to whine or moan go find another site, but let’s all enjoy our hobby here!”

      Please take your own advice!

      “Why in heavens name doe You steal skins buddy and lock them! You #####!

      I was bussy with it for a friend of mine!

      Thanks SOB



      You do the same thing you ask others not to..

  13. Why including mods that not your own without saying?

    Give credits for the “tuning” please (dbülow, Punisher, Geoffroy, Peerke)

  14. Freddy Jimmink

    Nefertiti if You read my last comment than You know i don’t have to give edits, i am member and admin of the fb page i tagged there and we all know from each other who makes what, btw Yur writing style is simular as Sigmund, do You have a split personallity and think i am Bob Marley or Michael Jackson?

    Come on mate again i say if You have noithing better to d go somewhere else! And let the people Who enjoy my great work enjoy it without Your nonsence!

    1. This is not your FB page.

      All i ask is credits for other peoples mod u have bundled with the paintjob. That is not nonsense to anyone who care about modding sceen so please do not be selfish.

  15. Freddy Jimmink

    The first is my own FB page the second a am admin there! So what’s Yout point mate, the guys ther knows i and several other use it and make skins on it, go check theat FB page state Your point there and then we’ll see who’s right! Btw You have to ask to be accepted on our page

    And it has nothing to do with selfishness mate it is an unwritten rule if the truck is known not to give 1.000.000 times the same credits

    1. I mean this site is not your FB page.

      So you should give credits here because not everyone know who make the truck part because people on Bengts and Malcolm ones they ask where they can find the rear lights they see!

      So of course they do not know who make the mod you including.

      It only take seconds to copy/paste author names. Man is judged by actions though so act as u wish.

      1. Look 4 words “(dbülow, Punisher, Geoffroy, Peerke)” you say is not convenient to say but you spend all this time to reply at me? Rubbish.

  16. Someone please explain to me how this style was ‘stolen…’

    Here is the skin from MT Design

    Here is the REAL Pleyms Transport livery

    The image above is Freddy’s Pleyms transport skin.

    In hindsight, Freddy got the realness a bit better – the logo on the visor and the 6X4 chassis look closer to the real truck than on MT design truck…

  17. prince_vlad

    Freedy , the person who made a skin is the ONLY owner of it,the skins doesn’t belong to anyone, who told you this #### ? What SCS said has nothing to do with this. So that makes you a thief, because it’s not your creation and you put your name near it. I ask the site admin to remove this skin and to ban Freddy , I will do the same on other sites where he oublished anything suspect.

  18. Satrio Scorpio

    I dont mind about the skins, but I love the MOD. I like this MOD, but to be honest, I dont like the interior, I hate blue. would you please make some other MOD but with black interior? I love white and black. please reply.

    1. Satrio Scorpio

      or please make other MOD but with changeable interior (colour)? (sorry my bad english)

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