Scania WB Transport Skin

WB-Transport-1 WB-Transport-2

For 1.21.x game version

Authors: Peerke, Richard B.


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6 thoughts on “Scania WB Transport Skin

  1. is the extra stuff on the truck also with the download or you have link?? 😛

  2. Hey. are the extra stuff in the mod aswell? backbumper etc.?? or do you have a link for them?

  3. ups sry for the douyble there the first didn’t show up so i thought there was something wrong

  4. ScaniaFreak

    Those lights in the back are awesome is it RJL Scania if so where can i find those lights?

  5. What truck mod is this??

  6. beautiful truck, which sound mod I can use to make it more realistic?

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