Scania Wheel Mod


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Version: 1.18.x

furkan61, Borce


9 thoughts on “Scania Wheel Mod

  1. does it work on the rjl scania

  2. I try on Scania RJL and work.
    But the wheel’s color change with fender’s color!

  3. AndrejRupp

    Download link does not work.

  4. mod for shredder
    very hard work create rims and wheels

  5. Worked on the RJL Scania, but removed the default tyre texture for all in game trucks, which now have bright pink tyres – even after deleting mod. Stay clear!

  6. FreeZicGaming

    Where can i get those lights in the grill, under the door and the sideskirt?

  7. So…. iIS this mod work or not on SCANIA RJL v.119 ?

  8. How do you get the super mark on the front?

  9. do not work anymore on my pc since v1.22

    the rims are entire white, always.

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