DC Penske T800 + American Trailer Combo Skin Pack 02


Hey everyone, I decided to make a “Version 2″ of my Penske combo skin pack. I modified the images on the trailer doors and reskinned the entire truck. File includes paint shop skin for the T800v2.1 and includes the skinned American trailer. Both skins done by me (David Corley) and trailer mod is by stewowe. You will need to download the Kenworth T800v2.1 separately. Tested on I also edited the cargo to “Automotive Supplies” thanks to B62. Special thanks again to stewowe for his wonderful American trailer and also to DB3, Dmitry68, Stels, OQ37, Ventyres, Kriechbaum for the fantastic T800. Please keep my original mediafire link intact meaning please do not reupload using a different link. I would appreciate that very much. Thank you!

T800 Skin & Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – stewowe


9 thoughts on “DC Penske T800 + American Trailer Combo Skin Pack 02

  1. maxime750

    nice skin:) where did you get the template of this trailer?

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like it. 🙂 I actually don’t have a template. I just edit the skins in the dds files. I never could find an actual template.

      1. maxime750

        ok thanks for your answer 🙂

        1. No problem at all.

  2. Nice done!

    1. Thank you! 🙂

  3. Para que versión es??

    Es que tengo la y no me sirvió ayúdame porfa

    1. I don’t understand your language, but if you are asking what version it is just the most current version of 1.18 that I used to test out my pack.

  4. just a curiosity. where can I buy the truck? cannot find it

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