Scania Winter Dashboard


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This mod contain animated snowfall on dashboard
Height of candle show air pressure

Author: piva


13 thoughts on “Scania Winter Dashboard

  1. Piva I have a question or somewhere describe how to do display
    because there’s something zrobielm but I can not add more pages and not wem why, for this I wanted priv message to you with my problem
    The road issue is about the movies I’m talking about some work and others do not such a new Volvo to the old and the movie shows up but not moving picture is what can be the reason how you can write in what language you write

    1. I tell you, that another private message against SCS forum I don’t have. You may get 5 messages as like as
      “This Amazing” or “It’s cool” in other posts and than you can write me.

    1. Thanks for Video

      1. Thank you for mod! 🙂

  2. Thanks piva!

  3. José Lauro

    work in scania T ?

  4. mikehackenbacker

    i use the scsnia t and it works pefectly.a christmas tree would have been great as the rev counter lights up with revs,just a suggestion,
    but i must commend you on the great idea and work put in

    1. You can make it.

      1. Piva can you make dashboard for all truck with speed on display only. it’s desirable with large numbers speed? Its very helpful for default truck without speed display.

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