Scania With hands on the wheel 1.21 – 1.22


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Mods that makes appear a pair of hands on the steering wheel of the SCANIA trucks

Work in ETS2 1.21.x and 1.22.x



11 thoughts on “Scania With hands on the wheel 1.21 – 1.22



  2. доработай, а так вроде прикольно

  3. That’s……………….embarassing…

  4. Haweky Trucker

    Thanks for the mod and thanks for posting my video 🙂

  5. Ugly hands and fingers, and the color of hands, punky hands as spin the wheel, alarm pest when the crowd rudder, handbrake and overcomes the speed, please further improved mod hand data to the body, stuck his finger when giving rudder and the shift speed and hand brake right no hand movement on the wheel Thank you

  6. Mod For Amir Mahdavi Not Chaly

  7. lol to bad and unreal

    1. Haweky Trucker

      Yes it´s bad and unreal but it´s fuuny hehehe

  8. While not something I would personally use it is not a bad attempt to add hands to the wheel, and it is somewhat functional within the limits of what the game engine allows to be done with such a thing.

  9. tbh, it has good potential but at this moment it isn´t even worth it to download as it has a bad animation to it, as it is using the turning wheels animation. The thing that would work out with this mod would be that at least copy the outside animation and put it so you can see it from the inside too.

  10. don’t like

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