Schmitz 120 Jahre Fixed

Schmitz-120-Jahre-Fixed-1 Schmitz-120-Jahre-Fixed-2

Fixed Schmitz 120 Jahre Trailer

Authors: Iskren, Pawel, Scorp, Ventyres, Jekich1, Alexart247, XardoniK, ExCrimea


5 thoughts on “Schmitz 120 Jahre Fixed

  1. scaniatrucker73

    Is this trailer standalone or does it replace?

    1. The7thSense

      I think it replaces aero_dynamic trailers, not sure.

  2. MrGermanTruck

    replaced Krone Cool Liner
    but still has some errors, incorrect brake light.

  3. scaniatrucker73

    Ok thanks guys.

  4. that trailer had the same problem with back light when it was first last year by some one esle so whats that say ?……………..

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