Schmitz Cargobull 1.34.x

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– Tested 1.34.xx
– Standalone
– Ai traffic
– Ownable
– Freight market
– 1 skin
– Advanced coupling
– Animation brace
– Animation cables
– Lift axle
– SCS cargoes

At 1500 downloads, there will be a new version. Adding a lot of accessories.
You know what you have to do if you like this trailer

-SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 2 MB [Trailer]
DOWNLOAD 5.4 MB [Template]

4 thoughts on “Schmitz Cargobull 1.34.x

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.34…

  2. Très content, de retrouver cet Remorque, Mat.
    Et j´ai trouver la première Version, même le Template fonctionne encore. 😉

    Merci beaucoup. 5*

  3. TheDriver333221

    Thank you!!! Was waiting for this <3

  4. Василий

    не виден номер на заднем бампере

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