Schmitz Cargobull 24

Schmitz-Cargobull-24-2 Schmitz-Cargobull-24-1

Fix + Trailer registration.
– Fix Schmitz Cargobull24 + registration AlwaysAeroDynamic.
– Replaces the aerodynamics.
– Is in traffic.
– Previously hitched truck cab, now I corrected longer clings, put a sticker on the door.
– I unlocked, painted canopy, you can disassemble or to stick to it whatever you want.
– Trailer Author no idea who made Fix Alexey Savin.
– I saw that many people asked this Preetz, that catch.

Author: Alexey Savin


3 Responses to Schmitz Cargobull 24

  1. Shairan says:

    How to edit this trailer?

  2. carivo says:

    Nice Trailer, you think you could do the same trailer with Waberer’s Skin. It is exactly the same, only the tarp is not.

  3. yusuf says:

    1.26 versioun plss

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