Schmitz S.CS Huckepack Alternative Pack 2


That’s the second alternative for S.CS Huckepack Mod.
Describtion and screens inside archive.

Tested on 1.7.1.

Have fun!

The Companies:
– APS The Solver Russia
– SAR Trasporti Italy
– TCPombalense Portugal
– Ravitex Romania
– ScandinavianExpress Poland
– TransCargo Danmark
– MCL Logistics Great Britian
– Intertransavto Belarussia
– BBA Pumps Czech Republic

Bora, Edobetet, Kamaz, Nordish & Steini


22 thoughts on “Schmitz S.CS Huckepack Alternative Pack 2

  1. wow, very detail

    look awesome, thanks 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot!

  2. When unzipped, there is no SCS files only 9 DDS files???????????

    1. Of course, Install-Guide inside Archive as Text-File, step-by-step.

  3. Adobe Photoshop CS6

  4. Since one has only just all wafers are on the Companies and not everyone can do
    as the work everything else looks good but not good. It lacks the SCS files.

  5. I have not understood that does this of fashions????

    1. It is an Skin-Package as alternative for the

      Schmitz S.CS Huckepack Mod.

      Instructions to change the dresses inside of the archive.
      Search here after “Huckepack”, and you woud see what i mean.

      Notice: that’s the second pack from two.

  6. I am from Ro. and Ravitex assures human and raw materials transport in the company that I work in.
    I had followed the installation steps, replaced all the skins and it seems to work except for Ravitex skin…of course
    I searched in the entire job market offers and found no Ravitex trailer.

    1. Hi!

      Please unpack the only skins in a folder and take “” and dublicated into the other names (9 some skins) like “euroacres, eurogoodies”, etc. When you can’t seen it too, than try a new installation of the ground mod and copy and paste the alternative. Maybe is no delivery available at time for an Ravitex-Trailer, and look after a few game hours later!?


      1. Edit: Any trailers let the driver waiting for a long time, i think it is generated by the game and the modders of the package. So you can see on a long road trip more from one company, as more different companies. Before i had released, i mixed these pack else and i drive with “MCL Logistics” from Milano to Rostock. I think i am crazy, but no, one and only different trailer in the traffic. All the others the same: MCL.

  7. Hello! cand u make a Ravitex skin for new volvo fh 2013?

    1. Contact me with photos of the front / rear side of the original. -> Steini

    1. It is only an Volvo FH 16 Classic, the newest trucks are from MB. But I would to see at the weekend to do maybe an skin for the best truck today.

        1. Edit: Oh, I forget to say “with darker taint driver”!

          Only one thing: The roof logo of Ravitex are on every Volvo 2012.

  8. It’s ok, I just saw a new ravitex Volvo FH, and it’s the same except the roof logo. Te roof logo is white with black letters!

    1. It’s okay sounds like it’s boring. This company I never seen at german Autobahn. When you need black letters then do it yourself. Don’t be ungrateful for mess up my less leisure time. 😉

  9. It’s ok…it was just an observation….when ever you want you can post the mod…I will be happy to drive with this skin!
    So thanks very much!

    1. Hi Mihai!
      I will release it at weekend. Keep the eyes open. 😉

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