Schmitz S.CS Mega

A Schmitz low deck trailer.
* Full standalone *
* Liftable axle *
* Advanced coupling *
* Template included *

for ETS2 1.30.
Allowed copy on another sites but keep original download link and authors! Please do not reupload!

Lanker, EdekLS, Borsuk


4 Responses to Schmitz S.CS Mega

  1. Vabis1887 says:

    Add eed123 to the credits please

  2. dadou says:

    The WinRAR archive that can be downloaded does not contain the correct template

  3. NIGGA says:

    OMG man, i love you for this mod! You are awesome

  4. ItalianoGT says:

    Dodaj kable do tej naczepy

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