Schmitz S.KO-Express Folding Wall Box Trailer


Schmitz S.KO-Express Folding Wall Box Trailer
This mod replaces the original SCS trailer fridge trailer Schmitz S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box. The TZ Express trailer mode used part of models from other manufacturers designed for GTS / ETS1 / ETS2. The models are partly regulated and completely remapped. Parts manufacturers models, thank you for your excellent work.
test on v1.21

SCS software, Sib3rius, Sheryo, Rommi TZ

DOWNLOAD 19.9 MB [sharemods]

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12 thoughts on “Schmitz S.KO-Express Folding Wall Box Trailer

  1. Nice work Rommi

  2. damaged archive

    1. all right

  3. Very good job. Thx Tz.

  4. Awesome thanks

  5. Apferreira Truckman

    congratulations, as always work fine, just a doubt, this trailer is a dry cargo container or a refrigerated cargo container ?

    Google Translation.

  6. Any possibilities for a standalone version?

  7. RetroSpectre

    Very beautiful work guys but I think you modders should make all your work standalone so it does not conflict with anything else such as other mods that depend on the default SCS trailers or where another mod trailer replaces the same default trailer.

  8. francesc090

    very nice 😉

  9. mtrmarivaldotadeu

    very nice!! is possible make skin?

  10. very work …..

  11. NICE WORK ..Sorry for my last comm…

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