Schmitz Trailer mod

These trailers are both on traffic and on job profile.. tried them on ets2 1.31 game version. all you have to do is copy the unzipped files to your mod folder and activate. If you like you can leave a comment.

Created by Mcdonald


6 Responses to Schmitz Trailer mod

  1. Kaushan Herath says:

    443MB? how many trailers in mod pack exactly? Any way trailers look awesome.Many Thanks.

  2. Dude says:

    443 MB for only 9 trailers?? I am out.

    • Florin says:

      That makes two of us. Mate I’m really tired of these amateur mods!

      • Steve says:

        Also, look at @TRUCKER’s comment above .. I knew I seen these trailers before somewhere! Don’t support mod thieves!!

  3. TRUCKER says:

    Stolen some trailers from “TZ Trailers pack” !
    + TWO F#D BUSES in the archive !!!

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