Schwarzmueller SPA_3E -= rework =- V2


Schwarmueller SPA_3E -= rework =-

– 1.25 ready
– advanced coupling
– added lights with lightmask
– 20 looks (all in traffic)
– pallett box
– reduced pmg size, no more errors in gamelog
– reworked lod
– new shadow
– new company_paint_job system
– fully compatible with Abasstreppas Pacton wheels
(must be edited in def file)

Model & Convert by Ventyres
Axles by Loogie, Holli, Ventyres
Wheel Abasstreppas
Jost Legs by mr.poland, Ventyres
Textures by Pauli/Nordisch, de_ben, pumizo, Arnaud57/Arnook, Ventyres
Skins by DaStig
3D-Rework by MarcDo

© by TTT 2016 (Trailer Tag Team – DaStig & MarcDo)

MarcDo, DaStig

DOWNLOAD 7.5 MB 19 additional Skins (all Standalone)

8 thoughts on “Schwarzmueller SPA_3E -= rework =- V2

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Perfect work and great Trailer!

  2. doexpectnothing

    woohoo, can’t wait to test it 😀

  3. Francesco

    wow beatiful mod trailer!

  4. There is a minor problem with licence plate light.
    Here´s a fix:

    Merge it to the main mod or use it as a seperate modfile.

  5. Many many thanks Stig and Marco! Great Trailer!

  6. truckertjuhh

    nice dastig heb je mooi gedaan

  7. Nice work!

  8. Trailer base cannot be downloaded :
    The file you were looking for could not be found, sorry for any inconvenience.

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