Schwarzmuller Food Tank B-Double And HCT Trailer v1.0 For ETS2 Multiplayer 1.38



✅Single-player And Multiplayer Support

✅Custom skin for Single trailer
✅Metallic skin for Single trailer
✅Has B-double And HTC chassis
✅Includes trailers: Box (Curtain, Refrigerator), Flatbed, Gooseneck(Container), And log(Carrying wood)
✅All HTC And B-Double chassis Support
✅Schwarzmuller DLC Support

⚠️Attention :
1) You Need Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack DLC To Activate Mod
2) The single Trailer Skin Is In The Schwarzmuller Trailers Section
3) B-Double Trailer And HTC Trailer Are In The Standard Trailers Section




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6 thoughts on “Schwarzmuller Food Tank B-Double And HCT Trailer v1.0 For ETS2 Multiplayer 1.38

  1. How do you get it working in multiplayer, is it allowed to use that on TruckersMP. can you make an video how to do that

    1. 1) First Go To Single-Player And Activate Mod
      2) After Selecting Mod, Save The Game, And Go To Multiplayer
      3) In The Multiplayer Section, Select Load My Last Save
      TruckersMP rules allow use in some cities
      And in crowded places, it has its own rules
      It is also allowed to use single trailers everywhere

  2. its crashing in SP

    1. Hello
      Only enable this mod
      I tested it, there was no problem

      For better assurance, send the video to the address Under

  3. its crashing in SP and not to see in MP

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