Schwarzmuller Trailer

Schwarzmuller Trailer by Kogel Edit FloppySRB

Tested on version 1.31+

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Enjoy !

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5 Responses to Schwarzmuller Trailer

  1. 33PAWLO33 says:

    whats that Scania and Accesories?

  2. lol says:

    You added the schwarzmuller logo on a kogel, wtf?

  3. Sam says:

    Schwarzmueller – Trailer manufacturer
    Kogel – Trailer manufacturer
    These are 2 different companies!
    They can not be one trailer!
    on the truck of the Skania, put the Volvo icon

  4. hans says:

    schwarzmüller skin on Kögel trailer so senseless and useless

  5. scania_dragon says:

    it’s not about his skin, but about presenting his links. He urgently needs clicks and attention!

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