Scott’s Combo Pack


Scott’s Skin for Volvo FH 2009 Truck and Trailer
Trailer replaced Transinet

Author: Murzabai


12 thoughts on “Scott’s Combo Pack

  1. AussieTrucker

    Thanks Murzabai!

    It’s awesome!

  2. AussieTrucker


    Can you please have a look at this topic that I just created. It’s for a company called ‘Boral’. There are a few different kind of skins in there this time.


    1. today or tomorrow

  3. quarantine

    Yeh thanks mate great job.

    1. Thanks)

  4. AussieTrucker

    Thanks Murzabai!

    Looking forward to them!

  5. used to drive for scott’s. this trailer looks great

  6. hi murzabai, love the skins, could you please make for for an company called ” Sims Metal Management” ??? would be really good if you can


    1. you need for a truck?

  7. truck or trailer would be great if possible !!if you can for truck can you do it for scania and Volvo ?? I can email you pictures if you have an email address

    1. in the near future to make the skin

      1. Even just a trailer or truck skin for Volvo would be good ! Cheers

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