Scout Extra D (Skoda Superb)

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Scout Extra_D (Skoda Superb) for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Works with Versions 1.31!

The mod is ported over from TruckersMP and can be used in Singleplayer!
This is to replace to no longer working Skoda Superb mod.

There are known issues and will be fixed when TruckersMP releases fixes for the vehicle…

I did NOT make the original mod as this is simply ported over from TruckersMP and can be used for those unable to play TruckersMP or want to use the car in Singleplayer without having to convert it!

The versions that currently work are
– Version 1.31s
– NOT compatable with 1.32s

While you can use some truck tires it’s advised not to as it can be problematic!
The car can easily lose control over 70mph/120kph(km/h).
Yes I know the 160hp TSI engine is loud, we all hate it too…

Have fun!

His channel:

SgtBreadStick, TruckersMP


9 thoughts on “Scout Extra D (Skoda Superb)

  1. I can’t use ETS 2 MP because I can’t log to my account, but last years I can. and when I want to register it show I need to log in to register. ### ?! Help me please !

    1. Here you are wrong, go to the SCS-Forum for Support for Problems like yours.

  2. I don’t think it’s bad that it have a 160 hp engine. On the contrary, it is a very realistic engine for a skoda. The problem is another. As you say, the original mod has failures too well known: the automatic gearbox does not work, hooked badly with the car trailer…. And it seems that none of those who are dedicated to editing and benefiting from the mod has the slightest interest in trying to correct them. Of the hundreds of editions that have been made of this car, only Diablo on his Audi A8 has bothered to correct any of these well-known failures.

  3. why not make another car?

    1. do a car Balilla please

      1. SgtBreadStick

        I’m not the one who made the original car model and i’d be surprised if i can make a successful model, but i have another car in mind 😉

  4. EdgarMods

    Good mod, thanks for porting!

  5. SgtBreadStick

    Hey guys, i completely that this version exists…
    However there is now a new updated version which is maintained on steam workshop, please use this instead 🙂


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