Screenshot contest


All screenshots need send via PM in Facebook (do not post in comments)!

9 thoughts on “Screenshot contest

  1. I want to participe

  2. Any other way to upload screenshots appart from via facebook?? : /

    1. You could use a image hoster and send the link but i am wondering why would anyone want to make it more complicated for himself…

      1. RickDeckard

        Because he doesn’t have facebook?

      2. Thanks! I will use the World of Trucks web itself hah. Tell us where to send the link and thats all. Just an idea for the once we dont have Facebook! ; )

  3. Sorry, You can participate only with facebook. Because voting will be with Like button.

    1. JogasPerdes

      Can it be, for example a screenshot of a truck with mods? Or it needs to be an “all ETS2 parts” kind of truck?

  4. I sent a picture im Samuel White on Facebook

  5. update available at ets 2 site
    ◾Fixed crash with new Volvo in UK

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