SCS Gooseneck Sommer Containers

SCS-Gooseneck-Sommer-Containers-1 SCS-Gooseneck-Sommer-Containers-2

This mod replaces the original SCS gooseneck trailer, trailer Sommer containers.
Mod is manufactured and tested on game version 1.10.1. and may not be compatible with other modes.

Author: Tz Rommi


8 thoughts on “SCS Gooseneck Sommer Containers

  1. Replaces All Trailer ??

  2. вован84

    он автономный…если я старый ваш контейнер удалю и поставлю новый он заменит именно контейнеры…да

  3. вован84

    отличные прицепы tz rommi ты молодчина…отличный мод…

  4. вован84

    спасибо тебе огромное…за такую кропатливую работу…вован84

  5. Cam someone make these standalone please? 🙂

  6. Trailer’s empty?

  7. Very nice mod but gives conflicts.

    what must I all delete to keep only the cistern containers ?

  8. thx for sharing

    there are errors on game.log.txt

    [model] Unknown look name ‘green’ on model ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/gooseneck/cargo_20b.pmd’
    [model] Unknown look name ‘green’ on model ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/gooseneck/cargo_20b_lod_01.pmd’
    [model] Unknown look name ‘green’ on model ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/gooseneck/cargo_20b_lod_02.pmd’

    please, fix it

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