Scs Map Addons v1.0

This map reworks Region of Wrocław city. In the future i plan to rebuild/add more road/cities.

Please note that I’m an amateur map maker so if there will be any bug I’m sorry

Map: ZombieMasterPL
Models/Prefabs: GrakuPL, Jakubek, Nicko, FKSStalMielec


3 thoughts on “Scs Map Addons v1.0

  1. Hello! Start by deleting the unmodified sectors. This will lighten the file size, and avoid overwriting the initial content which can be added by SCS or other mappers later.
    Good luck for the future. 🙂

  2. Don’t working!

  3. Brak możliwości pobrania ładunku ponieważ wywala do pulpitu. Ogólnie wygląda nieźle.

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