SCS Scania Topline Silver Griffin Skin

This is the skin and rims for Silver Griffin Benelux 2015 R730, for the SCS Scania.

In this pack you also find Silver Griffin Rims (seperate from the skin, so if you activeted Silver Griffin RJL from my, you don’t use the rims.)
These rims are made by Abasstreppas.

I adjust the rims and are standalone so you can use them with other rims.
In the rim packet are the follows items:
Silver Griffin Paintable front safety ring
Silver Griffin front heavy duty rims
Silver Griffin front oval holes rims
Silver Griffin front round holes rims
Silver Griffin front hub
Silver Griffin front black nuts
Silver Griffin paintable rear safety ring
Silver Griffin rear 9 inch rims
Silver Griffin rear drive hub
Silver Griffin rear tag hub
Silver Griffin rear black nuts

I will also make a workshop version.

Don’t place this mod not other websites!!!

I hope you like this mod.


JohnnyBoy59, Abasstreppas, SCS


8 thoughts on “SCS Scania Topline Silver Griffin Skin

  1. hello, doesn’t work on scania scs!!!help me please!!

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      Try the streamline by SCS and not the R version.

  2. already done

  3. benno reekers

    its for rjl Scania

  4. sii = RS no streamline

  5. JohnnyBoy59

    It was the wrong link 🙁

    This is the right one:!FN8SzYRK!sUI7cUcBCHmvw98ccbuXINMaeUsUywOc8TG3j1bBmuo

  6. Thanks

    1. JohnnyBoy59

      Your welcome

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