SCS Schwarzmuller Reworked V1 (1.32 only)

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Hi guys
I have permission to upload this mod
I m publishing this with the permission of “axelrol ”


– Standalone trailer in trailer dealer, doesn’t replace default Schwarzmuller (original DLC still required).


– 2 types of cooler unit (Carrier and Thermo King)
– Additional side lights on pallet box
– 3 variants of front ladder (left, right, both)
– Additional orange lights on top
– 2 rear red top lights variants (stock 2 and custom 6)
– 2 variants of additional red bumper lights (4 or 8)
– 4 variants of bumper logos (DAF or Scania)
– 2 variants of badges on door (DAF or Scania)
– 3 variants of logos on door (PACCAR, Scania and your custom logo)
– 4 variants of licence plates (Belgium, Netherlands, Russia and your custom licence plate)
– 6 variants of mudflaps (2 DAF, 1 Scania, 1 Schwarzmuller, simple black, Wheel Lead)
– Optional GoodYear Tyre added (385/55) (thanks to 50keda for textures)

More info

Trailer – SCS
Some of the textures – STaNis COne
Rework – axelrol
GoodYear texture – 50keda


– if you want to change licence plate texture to your own, then in game select “Your Custom Licence Plate”, then go to vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/licence_plate/schwarz/textures and find (open and change it to yours).
– if you want to change door logo to your own, then in game select “Your Custom Logo”, then go to vehicle/trailer_owned/upgrade/doorlogo/schwarz/textures and find (open it and change to yours).
– Skins are not supported right now (only one white variant is available). Will be included in future updates (more upgrades are also planned).

SCS,STaNis COne,axelrol,50keda


6 thoughts on “SCS Schwarzmuller Reworked V1 (1.32 only)

  1. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

    1. Danke für Dein Video. 🙂

  2. Scania1997

    Nice trailer!. Is it possible for you to make the schwarzmuller silo trailer standalone?? it would be amazing !!!

  3. plz on steam cen no zip open only rar

    1. You do not need to open zip.
      Put the zip in your Modfolder and activate. That´s all.

      And all other Mods (zip) the same way.

  4. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video here … Very nice, I hope that scs will make all schwarzmuller trailers purchasable ! 😀

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