Seat Adjustment No Limits (Interior Multi View Camera) v2.5

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—This mod requires ETS2 1.37.x
—Don’t reupload this mod. Respect the original download link.
Unlimited seat position adjustment
-Applies to all vehicles.
-You can sit in any position
-You can use it with any image angle you want.
-update V2.5
Daf xf euro6 fix
Mercedes-benz mp4 fix
!! Report the thieves !!
-Don’t steal!



19 thoughts on “Seat Adjustment No Limits (Interior Multi View Camera) v2.5

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.37…

  2. Kevin Jessop

    Hi please do i copy the zip file into the mods folder and will it work with the Scania s 2016
    thank you

    1. president10


  3. president10

    All truck Seat Adjustment No Limits (Interior Multi View Camera) v2.5

  4. serobaskan44

    @president10 When will the update for ATS come?

    1. president10

      Ekledim daha paylaşılmadı.

      not yet shared

  5. whats the password ?

    1. president10

      dosyayı kırmak yasak direkt mod klasörü’nün içerisine at ve etkinleştir.

      it is forbidden to open the file.

      1. Hello, will it work with car mods and the latest beta? By cons I do not have the password …

        1. president10


      2. arikisking

        I put the password and it wont work

  6. Test video 1.37

  7. link kırık

    1. president10

      hayır çalışıyor.

      link’s working.

  8. Thomas.Trucks

    @président10 it’s possible version with schumi’s daf ?

    1. president10


  9. arikisking

    whats the password?

    1. president10

      Put the file in the mod folder and activate mod the game.

  10. president10

    don’t open the file ! Leave it in the folder and activate it.

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