Seat Adjustment no Limits v 1.0


You can set your seat how you like.
– Compatibile with all DLC
– Compatibile with ProMods

Tested: 1.22x, 1.21x

Created by: Samo MODS (2016)

Author: Samo


4 Responses to Seat Adjustment no Limits v 1.0

  1. Glory says:

    Author: Samo …. well well …. one in one mod from satan19990 !!! the Manifesto only added !
    Samo no shame ???

    • Samo says:

      This is my mod,
      I created this mod yesterday…
      And I not understand why You opening my mod!

      • Glory says:

        Well then it’s a miracle that all the files are exactly the same def as satan19990 and weight and content !

  2. Diego says:

    Samo, please, could you please stop uploading stupid mods?
    You only steal mods and say you make them yourself.
    And the ones you DO make, are completely ####.
    Please, stop.

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