Serbian Trailer Skin Pack V 3.0


Serbian Trailer Skin Pack V 3.0 by Alexandar Lone Wolf

This skin pack is designed and tested to version 1.16.2s. Compatible with promods Maps 1.90 and Serbain map.
Please note that I am only the author of skins for this remarkably trailers thank their creators:

-Rommi TZ
-Ventyres Glandhands
-Mr. Poland

Special gratitude I would like to express a few of my friends who have been a great support in making this skin pack and inexhaustible source of ideas.
So i dedicate them certain skins trailer.

Zoran Šljivic = Silo Jelicic skin
Ljubiša Vrhovac = Grade Trans skin
Milan Santrac = Dragicevic skin
Saša Scania = Astra SB skin

I express my special thanks to my friend Borce , who spent days and nights with me and helped me wholeheartedly in making skins.

installation: -Extract the scs file into mod folder and check in the game.


alexandar lone wolf


7 thoughts on “Serbian Trailer Skin Pack V 3.0

  1. ljudi ovo extra izgleda,mozete uz ovo srtaviti i skinove za kamijone?

  2. Milan Scania

    Kolega svaka cast! Odlicne su 🙂

  3. MacedonianTrucker

    Pozdrav od Makedonija kolegi :)))
    Imate dobar trailer pack !! 🙂

  4. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Optimus za koji dan stižu i kamioni

  5. Odlicno 🙂

  6. alexandar_lone_wolf JEDVA CEKAM A VERUJEM I OSTALI !!!!
    Puna Podrska od mene za vas rad

  7. alexandar_lone_wolf

    hvala optimus 😉

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