Serrridslev Tank Transport RJL


Thanks for a great time on the modding websites but this is my last mod, as they a being re-uploaded on other websites7

But feel free to send me a request for a skin on my email

Some of the skins you could request could cost money 😉 but not more than 5€

But still dont be afraid to ask for a skins.. I would like to make your wish skin 😉
Working on x1.19.1 (its not a combo pack)

Truck model: scania r & streamline rjl
Cabin size: topline
Skin type: serrridslev tank transport
—————–mod contains———————
1 truck skin for the scania r & streamline rjl
—————–rules & copyrights——————–
Do not re-upload any of my skins, if u upload any of my skins to other websites or anything without my permission……… will I get them removed!!!!!
Feel free to share mod with link to forums and that

————-contact me————
Ets2 related

E-mail: [email protected]
*skype: bastian.B.Villadsen
**steam: [your way forward] bastian [dk]

[feel free to request a skin or ask questions to my email in desc]

For the scania you’ll need to donwload rjl scania streamline v1.3 mod to get the serrridslev tank transport complete!

Ps I dont know if I can do your skin cause got soo many requests for skins that im totally booked this week

Scs, rjl, bastian


7 thoughts on “Serrridslev Tank Transport RJL

  1. Thanks !!!

  2. It’s working with 1.18xx , and people are ###### and not respect others.
    S… !

  3. WobblyCaptain

    That looks nice I will be adding it to my collection real soon

  4. Createrdo

    this skins you make…are they possible to use in any truck?

  5. DK_Bastian

    No only RJL

  6. really nice

    i hope i next opdate off it that they wil make in a lighter blue like the real from serrridslev

  7. Great job. Could you make other danish skins ??
    Hej fra Grandpa.

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