SERTRANS combo by ECdesign

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⚑ Sertrans – Spain
✔ Wielton NS3K M2 trailer
(EdekLs, Borsuk)
✔ truck skin for MAN TGX
✔ Tested on 1.27
✔ skin made by ECdesign

TRAILER: EdekLs, Borsuk // TRUCK: SCS-Software


6 thoughts on “SERTRANS combo by ECdesign

  1. you spend many time to create trailers, but why there are still warnings, no manifest, and no ingame images?

    1. Old PMG files, not updated for 1.27
      The Log file indicates attention
      But I think you already know this problem.

      1. Yes, that´s it.
        All Mat from 2013>2015.
        And Manifest, etc. not in the Mods.

        Yes, I download not any more this Mods.

        1. Ciao JoachimK, I created wielton standalone
          Which works perfectly on v 1.26 and even 1.27
          The log files alert you.
          And you can also put it in ets2studio for other standalone trailers

  2. Reported the author!

  3. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing combo:

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