Setra S519HD Di Fonzo Lime Green Skin


Skin for Setra S519HD.
Skin Made by: PancakeTL.
Bus Model Made by: comodore.

Di Fonzo is a bus company from Italy.




15 Responses to Setra S519HD Di Fonzo Lime Green Skin

  1. Greg says:

    The Bus? link?

  2. sagenhaft1972 says:

    I have a question.
    I know I start the Bus with Button “E”.
    I play with Mouse and Keyboard.
    The most Busses not drive.
    What do I wrong?
    Is there another Button I have to press?
    Can someone tell me what I have to do please !!!

    • PancakeTL says:

      Make sure the parking brake is off.
      Then put it in gear with SHIFT and that’s it.
      I recommend to set the transmission to automatic for this bus. 🙂

  3. sagenhaft1972 says:

    How I set the transsmission to automatic?
    The parking brake is off.
    In Game, by Option, I set it to easy Automatic.

    • PancakeTL says:

      Is the truck revving?
      If so you have to press SHIFT to put it in gear.
      Check the controls to see which key activates the throttle.

  4. sagenhaft1972 says:

    A bit revving.
    The gear is in. In Game Option AUTOMATIC
    Key for throttle is “w” or “arrow up”
    If I press w or arrow up the bus don’t drive
    I can hear the Engine and a bit revving.

    • PancakeTL says:

      Ok, i assume it’s stuck.
      In the satnav go int the F7 Menu and call the Assistance Service, it will teleport the bus to the nearest mechanic. Turn on the bus and it should move. 🙂

  5. sagenhaft1972 says:

    Nothing doesen’t work. I don’t know why

  6. sagenhaft1972 says:

    I download the last 4 Busses here from this side. All have the same Problem as I say before. I can’t understand why.

  7. sagenhaft1972 says:

    Yes ETS2

    This one is the only one thats works (BUS Volvo B12B TX R9700).

    All other Busses that I have download for ETS2 1.24 doesent work.

    I test all Buttons on Keyboard but doesen’t work. Engine goes on.
    All others works perfect, but if I press W for throttle the Bus don’t drive. Parking Break is off. In Option of the Game is easy Automatic. I test the transmission and engine from the working Volvo, but the same Problem as before.

    Must I press an other Button before I start the engine from the Bus? I test it whis some Button but not works.

  8. sagenhaft1972 says:

    If someone have an other Idee please write me. [email protected]

    Thanks alot

  9. Juli says:

    ok i have the bus , but the damn skin doesnt work , i tried everythin , what should i do ?

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