Shadaloo DLC Cab Addon v 1.2

DLC-Cab-Addon-3 DLC-Cab-Addon-2 DLC-Cab-Addon-1

Shadaloo Team’s DLC Cab Addon for ETS2. This is an early version of the mod, more features would be added by the time. Note that you need Cabin Accessories DLC to use this mod.

The mod includes:
Street Fighter curtain for all of the trucks and also unofficial ones line Volvo FH 2013
Shadaloo Team’s Toystands
Shadaloo’s insignia Toyhang
Shadaloo Team’s Pennants
and some other stuff like Vega’s claw

How to install:
Just put the extracted mod in your mod folder in my documents.
Hope you enjoy it!

Author: Shadaloo Team


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